Park District Staff


  • Mike Selep, CPRP, Executive Director
  • Dawn Morsovillo, Administrative Assistant
  • Patti Parli, CPRP, Superintendent of Finance/Human Resources
  • Yadira Rajewski, Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Carrie Coffelt, Recording Secretary

Recreation Department

Parks Department

  • James Van Gennep, CPRP, Supt. of Parks and Facilities
  • Dave Blommaert, Maintenance Foreman
  • Jim Eyre, Maintenance
  • Kristin Potocki, Maintenance
  • Rodger Rottmann, Maintenance
  • Shaun Ziems, Maintenance

The Oaks Recreation and Fitness Center


*CPRP - National Park & Recreation Professional Association certification of Certified Park & Recreation Professional