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Illinois Public Act  97-0609 (5 ILCS 120/7.3) - Public Disclosure of Total Compensation

The compensation information required for employers participating in the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund (IMRF) under Public Act 97-0609 is available for public inspection via this link.


Public Act 101-0504/HB 3263

The Park District is required by Public Act 101-0504/HB3263 to post on our website a hyperlink to information on the Illinois Municipal Retirement Fund’s website featuring the following information:

(1) copies of all resolutions adopted by a municipality on or after January 1, 1995 to participate in the IMRF if such a resolution was required; (2) an annual report listing each municipality and the date each municipality first became a municipality that participates in the IMRF; (3) all documents pertaining to each municipality’s annual projected future contributions to the IMRF; and (4) information about the amount of each municipality’s past required contributions to the IMRF for each year of participation on or after January 1, 1995 and before, if available