Park District Staff

The Mokena Community Park District employs 20 full-time staff, 50 part-time staff, and 80 seasonal employees.


Recreation Department

Parks Department

  • James Van Gennep, CPRP, Supt. of Parks and Facilities
  • Bill Kausal, Maintenance
  • Kristin Potocki, Maintenance
  • Rodger Rottmann, Maintenance
  • Kim Limanowski, Maintenance

The Oaks Recreation and Fitness Center

  • Rachel Bauer, CPRP, Recreation Facility Manager
  • Kristin Ehler, CPRP  Fitness/Wellness Manager
  • Wendy Jacob, Recreation Facility Assistant Manager
  • Shaun Ziems, Oaks Maintenance Supervisor
  • Wayne Wollenzien, Custodian

        *CPRP - National Recreation and Park Association professional certification of Certified Park & Recreation Professional

 Mokena Community Park District Organizatinal Chart

Organizational Chart