August 30, 2021 

  • Masks/Face Coverings are required while you are in the building, even if you are exercising or playing sports. 
  • Group exercise classes are being held in person and/or virtually.  Masks/face coverings are required when in person. 
  • Click here to check the latest schedule for details.  
  • The Walking Track is open to anyone wishing to use it. 
    • Residents will need to provide their proof of residency to receive their new walking track card.  This will expire in one year.  After this, proof of residency will be required again. 
    • Non residents are $3 per time, 10 times for $25 or 20 times for $45.  If your punch card was set to expire during our shut down, please bring it in and we will adjust the dates.       

Your health and safety are a top priority of Mokena Community Park District. Before re-opening in June, our HVAC units were cleaned and sanitized and an air purification system with disinfecting UV light was installed on the HVAC. The fitness center floor was re-arranged to allow for distancing. We have also added more had sanitizer and the fitness center has “Sanitation Stations” for members to clean the equipment.

Please keep in mind that guidelines may change.  We will make adjustments as necessary.