Park 'n Bark Dog Park


The Dog Park is Open

with the following additional guidelines:


 * Practice social distancing - if within 6' of another person, please wear face covering.

* No balls or toys in the dog park

* Water fountains are turned off for the winter - please provide your own water.

ALL other Park 'n Bark rules still apply.



• 2 dogs per handler maximum at one time

• Pass should be visible

• Please make sure all other gates are closed when opening a gate

• No food or treats – human or canine

• Pick up dog waste IMMEDIATELY


No children under 10.

Children 11-16 must be accompanied by an adult. 


Passes are on sale at the Administration Center. Please review the registration packet for all necessary information. Passes will NOT be issued without proof of required immunizations, and ID. 


Beginning January 1, 2021 passes for Residents will be $25, non-residents $35. 

*  We will have a large dog area and a small dog area (30 lbs. or less). Bigger dogs will not be allowed in the small dog section. Small dogs can use the Large Dog side. Owner asssumes all risk. 

*  Re-registration each year will be required.

*  Dogs must be fully immunized with the following: Rabies, Distemper, Parvovirus, and Hepatitis. Not required but recommended is Bordatella which will help prevent the spread of Kennel Cough.

You can download the Registration Packet here. This document will contain all of the information to get started on your annual permit. Please drop off packets to the Administration Center along with proof of Vaccines. 


 The Park 'n Bark Dog Park is sponsored by Nighthawk Veterinary Clinic.